Planned Giving

Did you know there are creative ways to support this ministry? Ways in which Inspiracom, you and your loved ones all benefit at the same time? Such giving techniques are called "planned gifts", because with thoughtful planning, you create solutions for you, your family and Inspiracom. We have several creative ways to use your assets to benefit Inspiracom, while at the same time preserving the benefits of those assets for you and your family.

Gifts Anyone Can Afford

Do you know there are ways to support Inspiracom that do not affect your current lifestyle or your family's security? You can support Inspiracom with gifts that do not impact the way you live by designating Inspiracom to receive estate assets in the future or by making immediate gifts to us of assets.

We call these "Gifts Anyone Can Make" because anyone can make them now without impacting cash flow, lifestyle, or family security.


  • You can make a gift that costs you nothing during your lifetime.
  • You can make a gift that leaves your cash flow and current financial planning unchanged.
  • You do not have to use cash to make your gift; you can "buy low and give high" by making your gift with appreciated securities instead.
  • You can give an asset you no longer need or want.

Gifts That Pay You Back

Did you know there is a gift to Inspiracom that returns payments to you? There is and the IRS allows and encourages these creative plans that can stretch your giving ability. Some of the best ways to support Inspiracom are available through life-income gifts. These "Gifts That Pay You Back" help you make a substantial gift to the ministry while increasing your income.

All of our plans have one substantial advantage over investment vehicles you read about elsewhere: they produce generous gifts to this ministry. So, while you will receive payments for life or a set period of time, you can provide for yourself and Inspiracom today.


  • An additional source of lifetime income for you, your spouse, or other significant persons.
  • A potential increase in the income you are currently receiving from your investments.
  • An immediate tax deduction for a portion of your gift.
  • No capital gains tax due at the transfer of appreciated assets to your gift plan.

Gifts That Protect Your Assets

Are you concerned with highly appreciated property or a growing family business as your needs and lifestyle change. Will taxes consume much of the value that you have worked so hard to grow? How can you preserve some of its value for your family and will anything be left?

We can help you meet your personal planning goals, save on taxes, and make a gift to this ministry at the same time. This type of gift is typically payable upon the donor's death.

How It Works
You contribute securities or other appreciating assets to a Charitable Lead Trust. The trust makes annual payments to Inspiracom for a period of time. When the trust terminates, the remaining principal is paid to your heirs.


  • Income payments to us for a term greatly reduce the estate tax cost of passing appreciating assets on to your heirs.
  • The amount and term of the payments to Inspiracom can be set so as to reduce or even eliminate transfer taxes due when the principal reverts to your heirs.
  • All appreciation that takes place in the trust goes tax-free to the individuals named in your trust.